Ragnarök Bundle 1

 Psycho Side - No Place For Heroes

Selling Points:

  • Just pure Heavy Metal combined with some Hard Rock
  • Ear-catching melodies and a voice as charismatic as James Hetfields
  • 13 songs (incl. 1 bonus track from the first album)
  • 8 pages-booklet with artwork, pics & all lyrics
  • limited edition (300 copies)
  • Nice price (also package deal possible through the website)


  1. You Can't Stop the Rock
  2. Black Widow
  3. Guilty or Not
  4. Sickness Business
  5. That's Life
  6. Superman
  7. At The Edge
  8. A Life to Say Goodbye
  9. Monkey Stuff
  10. On My Two Wheels
  11. Fight Night
  12. Run Like Hell
  13. Quicksand (Bonus Track)

Crown The Lost - Cold Pestilent Hope

  • Excellent Power Thrash like Nevermore and Communic
  • The complete “Cold Pestilent Hope”-album for the first time on CD
  • contains bonus track “Bound To Wrath”
  • 12 pages-booklet with all lyrics, bio & pics

1. Pray for Death
2. Separate Blood from Waste
3. Breathe into Emptiness
4. In Defiance of Sanctity
5. Solitude and Failure
6. Eyes without Sight
7. Bloodsoaked Serenity
8. Condsumed
9. Cold Pestilent Hope
10. Forgotten and Damned
11. Inexorable
12. Bonustrack: Bound To Wrath

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