Souls Demise - Angels Of Darkness

Angels Of Darkness (RAG 008)

Formed in 1999 Souls Demise was soon established as the best unsigned thrash act from the millennium in the Chicago-area. Playing a thrash metal-style focused on melodic guitars by the two axemen Larry Scola and Tony Dascola the band unfortunately suffered on the permanent changes of band members, especially on the vocals.

Each of that changes on the microphone brought a small change of style, but each of them produced some highlights worth mentioning in the history of thrash metal.

While the first two singers (Jamie Pokusa & Mike Nowicki – 1999-2004) both filled the spot with a singing-ability way above most of the genre-frontmen, Randy Barron (2006-2007; ex-vocalist of Tyrants Reign and Winterkill; these days just rejoined Tyrants Reign) tended to influence the songwriting towords a more power-thrash style while the latest one (Andre Almaraz – 2008-2011) brought in a more aggressive, darkened vocal-style with adding lots of guts which gave Souls Demise a slight Death Metal-edge without loosing their melodic focus.

Souls Demise played their last show on June 3rd, 2011 at Metro in Chicago, IL. U.S.A. and disbanded shortly thereafter during the recording sessions of what was to finally be their first full length album.

Selling Points:

  • Chicagos most hopeful unsigned thrash band from the millennium
  • Thrash metal with a focus on melodic guitar work (you will be aware of the Iron Maiden-influences soon)
  • 15 tunes, packed in a refreshed mix and an eyecatching artwork by FiveMiligrams
  • presented by four different singers with each of them bringing out the best you can expect from a thrash band – from melodic to power to death thrash
  • featuring ex-Winterkill and Tyrants Reign-vocalist Randy Barron on some of that tunes
  • booklet with artwork, lyrics & pics
  • limited edition (500 copies)


  1. Angels Of Darkness (2003)
  2. Black Widow (2003)
  3. Thy Kingdom Demise (2003)
  4. Wings Of Misfortune (2003)
  5. Stand And Deliver
  6. Betrayed
  7. Fate Has A Reason
  8. No Hero
  9. Second To None
  10. No Tomorrow
  11. Disappear
  12. Angels Of Darkness (2002)
  13. Thy Kingdom Demise (2002)
  14. Black Widow (2002)
  15. Wings Of Misfortune (2002)


  • 12/15 im Legacy Mag
  • 8,5/10 im
  • 9/10 im
  • 8,5/10 im
  • 8/10 in Rock Hard Magazine
  • MonarchMagazine weebly (UK)


Reviews "Angels Of Darkness"

  • Rating: 9/10 in ; Autor : Holger Andrae

    SOULS DEMISE "Angels Of Darkness"

    Feine Demo Compilation mit Randy Barron von TYRANT'S REIGN.
    Wie schon mit PREMONITION aus Texas und der aus Washington stammenden Kapelle RAWHEAD, legt

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  • Rating: 8/10 in Rock Hard Mag; Autor : Patrick Schmidt


    Angels Of Darkness

    Ragnarök (66:48)

    VÖ: bereits erschienen

    SOULS DEMISE (nicht zu verwechseln mit den bajuwarischen Death Metallern Soul Demise) aus Chicago gehörten seit

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  • SOULS DEMISE "Angels of Darkness" in MonarchMagazine

    Souls Demise
    Angels Of Darkness
    Ragnarök Records

    Music of Souls Demise has been dug out by Ragnarök Records but the band is no longer active on the scene

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  • SOULS DEMISE - Angels Of Darkness in

    Rating: 8,5/10 in ; Autor : Ludwig Lücker



    Um Verwechslungen zu vermeiden, sei vorab schon mal erwähnt, dass es sich hier um

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  • SOULS DEMISE' "Angels Of Darkness" in Legacy Magazine &

    Rating: 13/15 in Legacy & 9/10 in; Autor: Alex Fähnrich

    SOULS DEMISE "Angels Of Darkness"
    (Ragnarök Records)
    Genre: Thrash Metal
    Wenn Post von Ragnarök

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Reviews "The Gathering"

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    The Gathering

    Bereits die 1986er Zwei-Track-12“-Eigenproduktion „Attack From Above“ war eine lohnenswerte Underground-Talentprobe, mit ihrer 1991er Veröffentlichung „Open Fire“, heutzutage sowohl als

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    EUDOXIS - The Gathering
    The Gathering


    Auf die Plätze! Feuer! Thrash!

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    The Gathering

    Musikrichtung: Thrash / Metal

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    Label: Ragnarök Records
    VÖ: 2018
    Alex Fähnrich
    8.0 / 10.0

    Was hat der Becker denn da wieder

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