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Hate S.A.

HATE S.A. is founded in early 1993 in La Paz, Bolivia by guitarist extraordinaire Ricardo Larrazabal, who invites Vladimir Mendieta to fill in on bass & vocals. Finding the right drummer is harder than expected and the two will go through several line up-changes on that position.

In 1994 HATE S.A. releases their very first demo entitled "Sociedad Sin Vida" (Lifesless Soiciety). This demo has a moderate success within La Paz's metal scene. However the band is still looking to build up a sustainable reputation and that's why in February 1995 the next demo "XXI Century" is recorded.

In 1996 HATE S.A. is invited to participate in two of the most important rock festivals in Bolivia: "Explorock '96" (where the 10 most important bands from La Paz share a stage) and the "First National Underground Music Festival 'Raze”. In October of the same year HATE S.A. wins the first place in a band contest in La Paz —with over 36 groups participating-.

Early 1998 sees the band winning the "X-Prerock". Later that year they release their first full length-album "Heart Beat Machine". Talking about live activities HATE S.A. take part at the "April Fest" contest, playing with some of the most important bands — in different genres — and one more time, the band wins the first place.

After an extensive promotion of the record in late 1999, which takes the band through the whole country, HATE S.A. performes their last two concerts promoting "Heart Beat Machine". One of this concerts is the opening slot for "Rata Blanca", playing in front of over 6.000 people.

In the middle of 2000 HATE S.A. records their second album "Anagramas", which is released in 2001. This year also sees the band opening for the swedish superstars Hammerfall, the well-known spanish band Tierra Santa (which are big stars in Latin America) and the argentinian punk band Attaque 77.

2003 the third album, "Republica de Odio" (Hate Republic), is released. But after just two shows of the promo-tour HATE S.A. has to the search for a new drummer. After a couple of weeks Chris Paredes (well known metal drummer – has also been in Alcoholika de Christo - and one of the best drummers in the country) takes over the drum-position. Finally HATE S.A. achieves their official lineup. The same year the band wins - for the first time- the award for "Best Metal Band" in the "Rock And Bol Awards", organized by the radio show with the same name.

In 2004 HATE S.A. starts the recording of the EP "Angel Oscuro" (Dark Angel), which is produced by well known producer Martin Joffre (Loukass, Tejilah). Thanks to this EP - released in September that year - HATE S.A. gets 4 (!!!!) nominations in the 2004 "Rock And Bol Awards" and ends up winning - 2nd year in a row - the "Best Metal Band Award" and Chris Paredes wins the "Best Drummer Of The Year Award".

In the beginning of 2005 the band inks a deal with US-american Statue Records to distribute the successful "Angel Oscuro" EP in the US. The promotion-tour leads them to play even in Peru and to record their first live album. This album, named "Odio Vivo" (Living Hate), gives a taste of the power of HATE S.A. and their relation with the fans to all listeners. November the same year "Angel Oscuro" wins the "Best EP Award" in the 3rd edition of "Rock And Bol Awards" and HATE S.A., once again (third time), wins the "Best Metal Band Award".

By 2006 HATE S.A.'s "Odio Vivo" hits the stores and the band prepares their new album "Pandemonium" which is released in November 2007. This new full length takes them into a very successful national tour.

In 2009 HATE S.A. works for eight months in "Pro-Audio" studios, where they re-record the best tracks from their previous 3 studio albums and 5 new songs. This album is later known as "Legado de Odio" (Hate Legacy). This year the band will only perform once as guests at the "Juntucha Festival" where they play in front of over 4.000 people.

2010 will becoming - by now - HATE S.A.'s most successful year. First "Legado de Odio" is released and the band begins their longest tour with each and every show sold out. Within this tour the band is the headliner at the four most important music festivals in Bolivia: "Rock De Los Andes", "Illimani Metal Fest", "Juntucha 2010" and "K-Oz Fest Open Air". HATE S.A. is also recognized as the "Best Metal Band 2010" and the "Best Video" by the web site "La Paz Vanguardia".

2011 sees HATE S.A.'s band members sign endorsement deals with "Laney" (british brand of amplifiers and acoustics boxes for guitar and bass). As "Laney" artists they are included in the brand's official international list alongside Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath), Sharlee D'Angelo (Arch Enemy), Mikael Akerfeld (Opeth), Rob Holliday (The Prodigy), Daniel Linde (HIM) and other accomplished worldwide known musicians. From now on they participate in different instrumental clinics alongside other national and international musicians in different events, demonstrations and special presentations. Later that year HATE S.A. attends - very successfully - the "Laney Fest Bolivia 2011" with a gig. In November HATE S.A. receives - for the fourth time - the "Best Metal Band Award" and also the "Best Metal Album Award" for "Legado de Odio" and "Best Metal Song" for "Desaparicion" (Disappereance) in the well known "Rock And Bol Awards". They also perform at the "La Paz Extrema Metal Fest" where the best metal bands of the country perform in front of over 5.000 people at the Open Air Theatre "Jaime Laredo". They also participate at "Caras del Metal 2011" and "Juntucha 2011" festivals.

In 2012 HATE S.A. is awarded with the "Career Achievement Award" at the "Rock And Bol Awards". After the successful "Legado de Odio" tour, demonstrations, drum-clinics and national festivals, the band is finally ready to start the compositions and production for their new album.

In January 2013 Chris Paredes leaves the band for personal reasons. After auditioning the best drummers in the city they welcome Grover Ocampo as their new drummer. Now the band is preparing to release their new album titled "La Sangre del Tiempo" (Time's Blood) on May 3rd 2013.

HATE S.A. has been categorized as the most important metal band in Bolivia, becoming one of the bands with the biggest fan base in every show. In their 20 years HATE S.A. released 2 demos and 8 albums, shared stage with international well known bands such as Rata Blanca (Argentina), Attaque 77 (Argentina), Hammerfall (Sweden) and Tierra Santa (Spain). HATE S.A. not only has the ability to sold out every show they play, they also have been head-liners in different national music festivals such as: "Illimani Metal Fest", "Juntucha", "Broken Fest", "Rock de los Andes", "La Paz Extrema Metal Fest" and "Laney Fest" to name just a few.

In December 2014 the promotion of "La Sangre del Tiempo" ends and Vladimir Mendieta decides to leave the band for personal reasons. September until November 2015 Ricardo Larrazabal and Grover Ocampo start writing new material and recording this in several recording studios. The new album is entitled "Prevalecer" (Prevail) and the new lineup is completed with Marco Vasquez (vocals) and Diego Ponce (bass).

The album goes on sale in March 2016 and is still on its promotional tour which included opening concerts for the german legends Destruction and also Brujeria.

In January 2017 HATE S.A. signs a deal with german RAGNARÖK Records and is the first bolivian band to be signed to a european label.

The succesful story goes on....

Line Up for "La Sangre Del Tiempo":

Ricardo "Puntos" Larrazabal - Guitars
Vladimir Mendieta - Bass & Vocals
Christian Paredes - Drums

HATE S.A. on the web:





official Video for "Paria"

official video for "La Voz de Dios"

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