Formed in June 2010 by José Del Valle, Daniel Murillo and Ricardo Arce; Assailant started with the vision of creating their own style of Thrash Metal. In September 2012 the band released a debut demo, which consists of five tracks recorded at Cavan Studio and a bonus live track, distributed only in Costa Rica.

In late 2013, drummer Andrés Guillén joined the band, contributing with new influences and giving Assailant the possibility to experiment with it's style. In January 2014 Assailant were
invited to be a part of a Split album currently on production. Since their establishment the band have been taking part of multiple concerts, supporting local
and foreign bands, including Dirty Rotten Imbeciles (2012), Semana Universitaria UCR (2014), guest band in the W.O.A Metal Battle Costa Rica (2015), etc.

The band is aiming to promote their most recent release in Costa Rica and abroad, touring and in the digital media, with a LP release in mind for the near future, keeping the main ideas of the band, always evolving, without having limits.

Current Lineup
José Del Valle: Guitars/Vocals
Ricardo Arce: Guitars
Daniel Murillo: Bass
Carlos Guillén: Drums

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