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  • Release No. 6 on its way!!!

    16237133 10207489497186465 1387331926 nWe are very proud to announce that one of the best and well known bands from South America have joined the RAGNARÖK family.

    HATE S.A. have established themselves since 1993 as a leading force within the latin american metal community. In this time they have developed from a promising newcomer to – at least – one of the best groove thrash acts you`ve ever heard.  In 2017 RAGNARÖK will re-release their both sold out albums „La Sangre Del Tiempo“ and „Prevalecer“. The first one to be out in March 2017, the latter one at the end oft he year. Pre-orders can be placed through the shop of this website or by a private e-mail (see contact form on this website).

  • RAGNARÖK-Release No. 5

    Monday, December 12th 2016...RAGNARÖK-Release No. 5 has seen the light of day! 

    (If you order the CD through the web-shop the price is 13,60€ in Germany!) 

    Releaseflyer Mass Hypnosia

  • More great reviews - more fantastic bands

    Hey Folks!

    As more and more unbelievable great reviews for LOST WORLD ORDER`s "Tyrants" come ticking in (8,5 in powermetal.de; 4,3/5 in mano-cornuto.com; 9/10 in obliveon.de....more to follow soon) and ASSAILANT (7,5/10 in Deaf Forevers next issue) and CROWN THE LOST (8,5/10 in Deaf Forevers next issue, too) are still hot, I am proud to announce that MASS HYPNOSIA - the hottest thrash act from the Phillipines - have joined the RAGNARÖK family and their new album "Toxiferous Cyanide" will be released in mid-december 2016! Be aware!!!   

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